Plankton vectors

I often find myself looking for vector images of plankton for presentations, talks, outreach activities. Sometimes I generate my own images as well. But a few months later I need more and start all over again.

So I decided to start an 'official' collection of free-to-use, reusable and scalable (vector) graphics of plankton (and maybe other aquatic organisms?) from my colleagues, myself and in general from any other plankton-loving person.

As the rest of this website, the spirit of this collection is a kind of notebook where I can have all the info in one single place... and much better if we can help someone else along the way!

You can contribute! If you generated your own drawings, please contact me and I will place them here. If possible I prefer SVG format because it's an open standard and can be opened/edited with any vector drawing application (when in doubt, use the free, open source Inkscape).

This first set is from Jan Heuschele (big thanks Jan!). It includes copepods, nauplii, as well as unicellular plankton.

Download the vector file

Use, share and contribute!

We all love Daphnia :)

This one is from my Daphnia culture in Patagonia Argentina. I can't remember if it's D. spinulata or D. menucoensis

Download Daphnia




More coming soon...

(contact me with suggestions!)