Visualizations of fluids and turbulence

I have always been fascinated by turbulence and more generally with the mesmerizing movements of fluids. When I discovered they can (more or less) be described/simulated mathematically, it was even more crazy to me. Want to try? Meet the Navier-Stokes equations!

Find below my own sticky notes of tools, authors and websites leading to visualizations of observed or simulated flows, including turbulence. Whenever possible, using Python. I will update this when I find more sources, so feel free to come back every once in a while :)

So let's start from the beginning:

12 steps to Navier-Stokes equations

Yes, and it's a full course!! This is a practical module for learning the foundations of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) by coding solutions to the basic partial differential equations that describe the physics of fluid flow. The full citation is Barba, Lorena A., and Forsyth, Gilbert F. (2018). CFD Python: the 12 steps to Navier-Stokes equations. Journal of Open Source Education, 1(9), 21,

Learn more here: 12 steps to Navier-Stokes

To be continued...